T-34 on the Battlefield (Vol.1)

T-34 on the Battlefield (Vol.1) zoom
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This is the book that started the ‘on the Battlefield’ series from PeKo. Not available for many years, it has been reprinted with a limited print run.

T-34 on the Battlefield (Vol.1) has 103 black and white photos and over 112 pages of the Russian T-34/76 and T-34/85 tanks during World War II. Captions in dual language: Hungarian and English. Include vehicles in German service as Beutepanzers and some interesting markings. Photos are from private collections and were previously unpublished.

Book Data

Author: Peter Kocsis
ISBN: 9789638962300
Language: English/Hungarian
Pages: 112
Photos: 103
Physical: Hardcover, 295x215mm, landscape


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