PANZER TRACTS No.16-1: Bergepanther

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While researching Panzer Tracts No.16-1, the Panzer Tracts team made important discoveries.

The history of the Bergepanther was challenging to unravel: first, there was a lack of clarity in the original German documentation; second, the Allies were only interested in the vehicle equipped with the 40t winch and associated spade. Now, Panzer Tracts can reveal a much more complete story of the Bergepanther, which was essential to the functioning of Panther and Tiger units.

Besides the Ausf.A & G, they found three different versions converted from the turretless Pz.Kpfw.Panther chassis! Two were new vehicles, while the final one was rebuilt from large numbers of Panther Ausf.D in a previously undocumented factory. Between 25% and 30% of all Bergepanthers were turretless Panther chassis.

Hundreds of hours were spent measuring surviving vehicles and drawing at full-scale to create accurate as-built drawings. This 78-page Panzer Tracts book is the ultimate primary source reference on the Bergepanther, with 21 pages of 1:35 scale drawings and 80 clear, large-format photos, many of which are seen for the first time.

Furthermore, this book can be considered the best reference for 1:35 scale Bergepanther model kits.

Book Data

Authors: Hilary DoyleLukas Friedli & Thomas Jentz
ISBN: 9781915969026
Pages: 78
Photos: 80
Drawings: 21 pages of 1:35 scale drawings
Physical: Softcover, 280x215mm, portrait


  1. Introduction
  2. Development
  3. Final Assembly
  4. Significant Changes during Production
  5. Organisation
  6. Experience Reports
  7. Production and Development Recap


  • Reworked images for clarity and tonal quality
  • Two extra images
  • Refined layout
  • Table of Contents
  • Vertical title block on the covers
  • Perfect bound for durability

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Takom 2102 Bergepanther Ausf.D Umbau Seibert 1945
Hobby Boss 84553 Sd.Kfz.179 Bergepanther Ausf.G

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