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Sixty years have elapsed since the cataclysmic demise of Adolf Hitler and his Third Reich. In this book Tony Le Tissier (author of Berlin Then and Now) traces the rise of Hitler, the Nazi Party and its ramifications, together with its deeds and accomplishments, during the twelve years that the Third Reich existed within today's boundaries of the Federal Republics of Germany and Austria.

The homes — or sites of them — of the dramatis personnae; the Nazi legends of their martyrs; the sites of the former Third Reich shrines at the Obersalzberg; in Munich; Nuremberg; Bayreuth, and in Berlin; the Hitler Youth schools and the Party colleges; the 'euthanasia' killing centres; the concentration camps, and much much more.

Tony then follows the progress of Hitler's war: from the attack on Poland on September 1, 1939 to defeat in Berlin and the final round-up at Flensburg in May 1945. A final chapter covers the de-Nazification of Germany, the whole volume being illustrated by 'then and now' comparison photographs which are the central theme of After the Battle.

Tony Le Tissier

480 Pages

Over 1450 Illustrations



• ADOLF HITLER AND THE THIRD REICH • The Making of a Dictator

• THE INNER CIRCLE • Martin Bormann • Joseph Goebbels • Hermann Göring • Rudolf Hess • Heinrich Himmler • Albert Speer • Joachim von Ribbentrop • Julius Streicher • Hitler's Courtiers

• THE EARLY BEGINNINGS • The Munich Putsch • THE MARTYRS • Leo Schlageter • Horst Wessel • Herbert Norkus • The Feldherrnhalle 16

• MUNICH • 'Hauptstadt der Bewegung' — The Capital of the Movement

• NUREMBERG • 'Hauptstadt der Partei' — The Capital of the Party

• BAYREUTH • 'Hauptstadt der Kultur' - The Cultural Capital

• BERLIN • 'Reichshauptstadt — Capital of the Reich

• THE IDEOLOGICAL ORGANISATIONS • Labour and Welfare • Schools and Colleges • The Ordensburgen • Schutzstaffel - The SS

• THE CONCENTRATION CAMPS • Dachau • Sachsenhausen • Buchenwald • Mauthausen • Flossenbürg • Neuengamme • Ravensbrück • Bergen-Belsen

• THE SECOND WORLD WAR BEGINS • Hitler the Warlord • The Flensburg Government


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