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THE BATTLE OF THE VERCORS — On June 8, 1944, following BBC messages on June 5 calling for the French Resistance to prepare for action, the Maquis in the Vercors rose in rebellion, mobilising some 4,000 men on the plateau, and planning to move them into action as soon as an Allied landing occurred in Southern France. On July 3 the insurgents even proclaimed a Free-French Republic of Vercors. To deal with this uprising, on July 21 the Germans launched the largest operation ever conducted against the Resistance in Western Europe, attacking with airborne and mountain troops to destroy these insurgent groups. Jean Paul Pallud tells the story. 

Saving Private Ryan Revisited — Jean Paul Pallud reveals more about the history behind the making of this groundbreaking war film which he discovered after searching his wartime photographic records. 

The Dissolution of the Luftwaffe — Following the final defeat of Germany the Allied governments decided that she must not be allowed to rise again as a military power, the thinking being that despite the efforts of the victors after the First World War, Germany had been able to recover so completely that in a relatively short period she was able to unleash another world war within 25 years. This is the story of the complete disarming of the Luftwaffe. 

From the Editor — A roundup and update on previous stories from After the Battle.

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